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I promise that I will donate any profit from the sale of this picture to a charity for the dependents of victims of this dreadful pandemic and will publish details of this later when set up.

A Message from Belinda

We would like to send heartfelt greetings and best wishes to all our customers and supporters (many of whom are now our friends) our stockists and all our friends and acquaintances wherever you may be. Stay safe, stay well, stay at home, and stay apart from others.

Read more about the COVID 19 Government Guidelines and how it might effect our deliveries.

Adhering to our Government’s guidelines and in order to reduce the risk to essential service workers who are doing such vital work we have reduced to a minimum our contact with others, but we are doing our best to fulfil all orders received online. Inevitably there will be some disruption to deliveries, resulting in delays, and we ask for your understanding and that you  bear this in mind especially if ordering a gift for a special occasion.
If there is any issue with a delivery or an unacceptable delay we will of course refund you without any quibble.